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Ver.2.0 / 2011.9.2
SingSing LITE
Ver.2.0 / 2011.9.2

SingSing is a simple iPhone song recording app made by Navius Corp.

※LITE version
You can only rerecord 20 times for 1 truck in this LITE version.

Made to be easy and extremely fun to use for anyone who likes to sing. SingSing allows you to record up to 34 trucks for infinite recording time and you can play all tracks at the same time, or even one by one.

** Major function **
- make wonderful SingSing songs quickly
- can choose app's main design from 9 templates with your face in the flame
- can create projects unlimitedly, up to 34 trucks, for infinite recording time
- post your song('sURL) to Facebook or Twitter
- can post your songs on special SingSing sharing website “SingSing”
- automatically change your song to AAC file when you email your project
- includes Metronome with adjustable Volume, Tempo and Time signatures
- Adjust Pan by dragging the slider of the corresponding track, and auto C setting button added

Product info

Create Project

Create Project first. Tap upper right +button to add Project, left Edit button to delete. You cannot change the Project name once you created.

※About Headphone
Only wired, NO built-in microphone headphone is supported. Bluetooth headphone is not available. The metronome sound might be recorded when you use non-genuine apple headphones.

Choose Design

Let's change the background design.

Design button.
List of the background design templates will appear on the right side. Scroll and choose one from 13 templates. Tap this button again to close the list.

Edit(Add Tracks)

Tap Edit to open the edit page.

Tap "Choose Photo" and you can insert a picture from your photo album.

You can add various information such as creator's name, date, description under the Project name.
Create a track by tapping + Add Track and you are ready. Full version has no limit adding new tracks. The screen will automatically move to Track page after saving new tracks.

Basic Recording Manual

Recording button Recording button.
If there are more than 2 tracks, the recording will be only for the very bottom track. There is no limit for the recording time.
Stop button Stop button.
Stop recording or playing. Once you stop recording, the next recording for the same track will be completely over-recording. ※You can only over-record 20 times on the LITE version.
Pause button Pause button.
Use this Pause button instead of Stop button if you want to continue recording on the same track.
Play button Play button.
Serves to play all tracks at once.
speaker button When you turn on this speaker button, the sound will come out even your device is connected to headphone.
Mute button Mute button.
Solo button Solo button. If you choose solo, other tracks will automatically be mute.
metronome Move to metronome page.

Metronome page.

The left slider is for the volume of metronome sound, the right is for the tempo.
Adjust Time signatures press + or -.

To check the setting, press Test.
After finish setting, press Back.


Mixer page.
※You can also record your voice on this page.

Use volume slider to control each track's volume.

Use pan slider to set the panning position.
You can visibly check these volume and panning on L-R bars.
Volume and panning can be set on each track independently if there are more than one track.

Advanced Share Function

Share button.
Data upload is required to use this share function.

Tap OK and start uploading your voice data. Please note that it may take some time to complete depends on your connection speed and the file size.

The rplayback sound comes out while creating the voice file if your device are not coneected to the headphone.

You have to choose how to share your data next.

If you want to post your SingSing song to the sharing website "SingSing", choose "Community Server".

To send your data by email, choose "SingSing Mail".

SingSing Mail

Email your whole project instanly. The whole project gets converted to AAC file and composed an email automatically. All you have to do is enter the email address and tap "Send".

If the email recipient already have installed this app, the sound data will be automatically added to the recipient's app by tapping the link in the email.

The recipient of course can play the sound data without iPhone nor SingSing app, if the device has appropriate music player.

Community Server

To use sharing website, you need to login via your Tiwitter or Facebook account. Please login before tapping Share button.

Once you logged in, choose Community Server to proceed.

A link to your voice data will be automatically published to your Twitter or Facebook wall.

You can change this auto pulish setting from our sharing website "SingSing" "Auto-update".

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